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Subs and Gift Aid


Subscription (Subs)

The Group subscriptions are 25.00 per half term payable on the first meeting of each half term. To cut down on administration, it is preferred that subs are paid in full. Cheques payable to 1st Dartford Scout Group,

Subscriptions cover activities and include all insurance payments and levies payable to Dartford District Scouting, Kent County Scouting and to the Scout Association.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a tax-effective way of giving to the Scout Group if you are a taxpayer. The subscriptions that you pay from your taxed income enable us, because of our charity status, to claim back the tax you have paid. Thus for every 100 of subscriptions paid we can claim back 25.00 from HMRC. A very appealing idea as you can imagine.

In order for us to claim tax back, a Gift Aid declaration is required. This simply declares that you wish your subscriptions to be treated as Gift Aid payments. One declaration will cover all the payments you ever make to the Scout Group and no personal tax information is required. Once the declaration is signed you can sit back and we can claim back money for the Group from the comfort of our armchair. You will only need to inform us of any change in your address or if you stop paying tax.

Gift Aid Declaration

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