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As members of the worldwide family of Scout, we all wear a uniform to show what part of the family we are in, The uniform is broken up into sections 

What is the uniform?

below are descriptions of the uniform, if you click the name of the section you will be able to see what it looks like, and more importantly for parents, the badge placements (If they aren't working for you click here)

  • Beavers: Light blue Beaver sweatshirt, Navy blue trousers and maroon group neckerchief.
  • Cubs: Green Cub sweatshirt, navy blue trousers, and group neckerchief.
  • Scouts: Teal Scout shirts, navy blue trousers and group neckerchief.

All the people within 1st Dartford would have the same group shirt regardless of age, you can find out where to get one of the theses below

All members are expected to arrive in FULL uniform. After the opening ceremony, they will change for activities. A group T-shirt is usual. 

Where do I get the uniform?

All the uniform can be bought from the District Scout Shop in Broomhill Road, Dartford. If possible, please buy your uniforms from the Scout shop as all profits go back to Dartford Scouting.

Uniforms can also be bought online here

Group Shirts

Just like your necker, everyone at 1st Dartford Scout Group would wear one of theses group shirts, if you need to get a new shirt get in contact with one of the leaders either throough our Facebook group or in-person. Our Group shirts are available in a variety of children's' and adult sizes and cost from 5. They can be worn at meetings under uniforms as well as at other group events. 


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