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Leader Training

To be a leader you must complete mandatory training, theses are Safeguarding, Safety and GDPR as well as First Aid. This is only the mandatory training that a leader has to do, but at 1st Dartford, all our leaders have a lot of training in a wide verity of things such as how to support Young People with disabilities. Also, all our leaders has many years of experience in scouting.

All leaders have a code of practice called the Yellow Card click the link to see the card- more info here. Young Leaders Also have a code of Practice called the Orange Card - more info Here

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)

All adults in Scouting are subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, this is for all leaders and Executive committee members. This is a Government vetting check to ensure that a person is fit and proper to be working with children.

Risk Assessments

in the interest of safety, We as Scouts make a risk assessment for every activity and game that we do so that everyone involved can know how to reduce risks and keep everybody safe


When out on events, Group, District or County, your child's image may be taken and used in publications or on web sites. By taking your child to the event, you are giving permission for their image to be used in this way. If you do not want your child's image to be taken or used, please inform your leader before an event.

Data protection and GDPR

The Scout Association in the United Kingdom is a membership organisation. To enable it to operate and to communicate with its Members, it is necessary to maintain records. The only data that we would hold would be;

Name and contact details

Length and periods of service (and absence from service)

Details of the training you receive

Details of your experience, qualifications, occupation, skills and any awards you have received

Details of Scouting events and activities you have taken part in

Details of next of kin

Age/date of birth

Details of any health conditions

Details of disclosure checks

Any complaints we have received about the member

Details about your role(s) in Scouting

Details about your membership status

Race or ethnic background and native languages



The Data Protection Act 2018 covers the protection and rights of individuals (including children) concerning the personal details held by organisations.

In addition, certain information is classed by the law as ‘Sensitive Personal Data’. In a scouting context, this may include information about health, disabilities and religious beliefs. The first two would be held to ensure that Leaders are prepared for emergencies that may arise and to ensure safety for all members. The information about religious beliefs helps us ensure that appropriate arrangements are made if necessary.

None of the information provided will be passed to any third parties outside the Scout Movement without your consent. You can give your consent by completing the question on the form.

For more information about data protection and GDPR within Scouting Click here to be taken to the main Scouts website that has more information.

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