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Winter Cub Camp at Frylands Wood

2nd March 2012

Winter Cub Camp - 2nd to 4th March 2012

Cubs arrived at 6pm at Frylands wood in Croydon and were welcomed by leaders and the pirate theme was explained. Baloo & Orange Maple had fun trying to cook the evening meal and it taking 2 hours to cook rather than 30 minutes! The cubs in the meantime, all hungry by now, enjoyed painting their swords and making pirate eye patches.

That evening Kaa hid some treasure in the field and the leaders, armed with torches, hid out in the field to protect the treasure. Each cub then had to try and find the treasure with out being caught by the pirates (the leaders). If caught they had to give up the gold coin that Akela had given to them and go and collect another - all cubs really enjoyed this and the leaders did too.

After breakfast on Saturday the cubs were split into teams and were sent off to partake in a round robin of activities: fire lighting with Silver cloud, Orange maple, Baloo or Sheer khan or boat building with Riki & Kaa. The cubs seemed to enjoy the activities and all, despite the rain, managed to get a small fire burning. After a small break the cubs were off again to enjoy the assault course and they had an hour of getting muddy and running time trials across the various obstacles with Louis, Jacob & Megan coming 1st,2nd & 3rd respectively. Then back to lodge to warm up and have something to eat before participating in more afternoon activities which involved Shelter Building with Kaa & Sheer Khan, Tracking with Riki & Orange Maple and Compass reading with Akela & Baloo.

In the evening the cubs enjoyed a visit to the tuck shop when a large amount of sweets were bought and then we joined Weston Green Cub Scout Pack for a camp fire and songs, everyone enjoyed this and for many new songs were learnt. After this another game was played in the field where this time the leaders had swords pictures, canon pictures & evil pirate pictures and depending on which was shown by, the leaders, depended on a prize. The aim was to get as many cannons as possible and win the points.

A wet Sunday meant some plans had to be changed but games were still played outside with the cubs having to find objects outside for each letter of Pirate ship. With the rain coming down in sheets we stayed in the warm and dry playing pirate battleships. In the afternoon, when the rain slowed, pictures of the evil pirates were placed in the field for the cubs to find them for valuable points.

The Sparrows team won the points at the end of the weekend giving them the treasure chest with the booty in (chocolate coins) which was split between all members of the team. Both Anne Bowlin and Captain Hook coming in a close 2nd and 3rd. Who will win at next camp? We will have to wait and see.




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