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Beavers first sleepover under canvas

12th May 2012

1st Dartford Beaver colony enjoyed its first sleepover in tents. We visited Marshside campsite in Thanet Scout District, the site was near Ramsgate.

We arrived in lovely sunshine after a wet few weeks. After a spot of lunch the beavers in their lodges set about getting their accommodation fixed up. 4 tents in all. They enjoyed most the wacking in of tent pegs and had a very strict rotation going so they all got the opportunity for the same number of hits.

After sorting out beds, the beavers traveled to Ramsgate to meet the skipper of the boat, the seasearcher. We were booked on to go out along the coast and watch for seals. Both trips out saw seals and baby seals. It was awesome and cool depending on whom you spoke to afterwards.

We returned for fish and chips from the local chippy. By this time Holly, our Boxer dog had arrived for the sleepover. After tea some wide games were played with our young leader, White Otter. We then joined together for a campfire with marshmallow cooking,

After an exciting day everyone was in bed by 10pm. The beavers were up early as the birds were singing and light was coming up by 5am. Activities continued after breakfast, with prussicking and fire lighting. We had some free time and quiet time as we were all getting a bit tired. We finished with parachute games.

After a short journey home, we deposited some very tired beavers back with their parents.

Thanks to everyone for their organisation, especially Ian who took the lead role. We also had help from Maggie from 1st Sutton who came with us.






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