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Activity filled weekend for families
30th June 2014

Activity filled weekend for families

Activity filled weekend for families blog postEight families joined leaders at Thriftwood campsite, Brentewwod, Essex atvthe weekend for the groups first familiy camp for 3 years. Despite rumours of storms, we all made it to the campsite on Friday...

Author: Cavan Slingo

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Open Permission Form

To run a balanced programme, it may be necessary to take the Scouts out of the hall on a meeting night to participate in an activity, or take part in a District event or competition. As this involves your permission for each event, which in turn would keep involving yourselves to keep asking your permission to take your child out of the hall. We are asking for your permission to do an open permission to take your child out of the hall. All of the activities will be of a Scouting nature and will be part of their badge work. You will be notified via email before we do take them out of the hall.

By signing the above you are giving permission to 1st Dartford Scout troop to take your son/daughter out of the hall to participate in activities from September 2016 to July2017.

permission letter to take scouts of the hall.pdf  


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