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Beavers join in the County Beaver day at the Rare Breeds Centre near Ashford

22nd September 2012

Every beaver from 1st Dartford Redwood Colony joined leaders at the Rare Breeds Centre for a fun packed day. We started with a walk through the tropical butterfly tunnel, where butterflies of every colour landed on us for a close up view. We saw cattle, pigs, sheep and more pigs. At the farmyard, animals were free to wander so we could stroke and feed them.

After lunch we gathered around the pig track for pig racing which was really fun. One of our beavers was chosen as a pig trainer and did a brilliant job with her pig coming in third. Next was a falconery display, with owls and hawks. One of our beavers was allowed to wear the glove and the owl landed on his outstretched hand.

We finished with a short woodland walk and the adventure playground.

It was a brilliant last trip for Silver Cloud and Orange Maple who are now leaving 1st Dartford Scout Group. Thanks also to our dear friend Magpie, Maggie from 1st Sutton at Hone, for coming with us and providing the minbus.IMG_0079_2.JPG

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